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How To Book With Us
  • Events will be listed on the venues page, you will also find the stall options and prices available for each event
  • You will need to register. On request, you will be given or sent an application form and a list of our terms and conditions
  • You can apply by email at admin@artsandcraftfairs.org or by phone or post
  • Once you have registered you will be able to apply for a space at any of our fairs.
  • If there are any fairs you wish to be considered for then please contact us for a booking form, this form can be used for any number of fairs as long as your product/s to be sold remain the same. If you wish to change any or all of your products you will need to complete a new booking form.
  • We will let you know if your booking has been successful and a place will be provisionally reserved for you.
  • When your booking is successful you will receive an invoice to be paid at least 28 days in advance of the fair. If payment isnt made or any arrangement for payment agreed then your booking WILL be cancelled WITHOUT notification. If multiple bookings are made then invoices will be sent in fair date order not booking order. Only 1 invoice per trader will be outstanding at any one time.
  • Payment is made either by bank transfer, card, cash or cheque.
  • Once payment is made a receipt will be issued. This is the only confirmation you will receive of your booking being confirmed. Attendance at any of our fairs may require production of your receipt.
  • Closer to the event the address and set up details will be sent out

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