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Terms & Conditions
By attending our fairs you agree adhere to all the following terms and conditions:

1. Acceptance: You will be deemed to have accepted our terms and conditions when you book an event. A copy will be sent with your registration form for you to read and accept.
2. Security: We endeavour to protect you and your property, however we cannot accept liability for injury/damaged or missing items. Overnight security will be provided at some events, details available on request. We do however advise you to remove all your stock overnight, our insurance DOES NOT cover any loss or damage to any of your stock or equipment.
3. Registration: It is a condition that all 'crafters' are registered with the company prior to booking any event. A registration form is available on request.
4. Bookings: These are to be made direct to us. These will be issued only to registered traders on request. Bookings will only be confirmed when receipt has been issued. Payment details will be advised and must be made at least 14 days in advance. Failure to make payment on time may result in your booking being cancelled without notification.
5. Refunds: are not available unless the organiser cancels the event, the refund is limited to the event fee.
6. Sub-letting: of tables/pitches is not allowed. No table/pitch sharing is allowed.
7. Attendance: tables/pitches must be occupied during the fairs advertised opening times and tables/pitches may be re-let if they are not occupied 30 minutes before the advertised opening time. The fee will be forfeited. Leaving/packing before the advertised closing time is not permitted unless told to by the organiser.
8. Liability: the Organiser (or his agent) is not laible for any damage or loss unless caused by their negligence. The person named on the registration form ('the crafter') agrees to indemnify the venue owner and/or organiser from any claim that may be made by any third party. You must have current Public Liability insurance and you are required to provide proof of this.
9. Tables/pitches: the Company offers three options at most fairs. They are: a table in the marquee; a covered stall; or a pitch. You are required to ensure that you are fully aware of what you are booking, see table/pitch options on our website or if in doubt ask the organiser.
10. Litter: any litter created by your attendance at our fairs is classed as 'trade waste', you are responsible for the removal of this litter, and we reserve the right to impose a charge if you do not comply with this.
11. Risk Assessment: you may be required to provide a 'risk assessment'.
12. Statutory Requirements: all 'crafters' are required to comply with current trading standards conditions, food hygiene, health and safety conditions. An electricity supply is not generally available, however if you use any electrical equipment you must have written approval from the organiser to do so, you must comply with all electrical equipment regulations. All 'crafters' will require Public Liability insurance cover. The company has Public Liability, Product Liability insurance, a Health and Safety policy and a fire evacuation policy.
13. Black Mark Policy: We will be running a 'black mark' policy. Traders who fail to comply with any standards in number 14 will be issued a black mark. When a trader reaches 3 black marks all future bookings will be cancelled, any payments made will be refunded and they will be removed from our system. Black marks will remain on a traders account for 3 months if no further violations are made these will be removed.
14. Standards Policy: to maintain and improve our fairs we ask all traders to adhere to the following to make it a fair environment for all. Failure to follow any of these will result in a black mark being issued:
a) all tables/stalls to have covering to the floor at the front of their display
b) no items to be allowed in walkways without prior consent
c) vehicles may be on site for unloading/loading only. They must not be on site whilst 'crafters' set up or pack away. Once you have unloaded you MUST remove your vehicle from the site. Likewise, stock MUST be packed away prior to your vehicle being back on site.
d) all 'crafters' displays will be monitored to compare what is being sold to what is on their registration form. Any issues found will be discussed prior to any black mark being issued.
e) Traders must take all their litter home, any trader found to be leaving ANY litter will be issued with a black mark.
f) floor standing displays must be within the booked area and if necessary an extra table space must be booked.
g) Traders must be 'set up' prior to the stated opening time (usually 10.30am). Any trader not doing this will be issued with a black mark.
h) All payments to be made at least 14 days in advance unless prior arrangement has been made. Failure to adhere to this will result in a black mark being issued and any arrangements for payments cancelled.
i) In hot weather, any trader wishing to open the side panel of the marquee must obtain permission from the neighboroughing stall holder on each side and the Duty Manager. Panels are to be lowered to the first bungee from the top, this is to stop people reaching over into the marquee and removing a stall holders stock etc. The Duty Manager will then check that the marquee roof is securely fastened.
15. Tombolas: Please note we dont allow ANY tombola's at any of our events. If you are seen to be operating a tombola from your stall any future bookings will be cancelled and future participation at our events will be forfeited. Any payments made will be refunded. Any charity collections MUST be agreed in advance.
16. Failure to Comply:
any breach or failure to comply with the above terms and conditions may lead to legal proceedings and/or exclusion from future events.

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