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Good Trader Discount

 We will be offering a discount for you being a good trader.

To qualify you must adhere to the terms and conditions and the following conditions
  • Tablecloths MUST touch the floor 
  • Payment will be made at least 28 days before the booked event (or 14 days for bookings prior to 01/07/18). Unless a prior arrangement has been made with Terry
  • Most fairs are advised to start at 10.30 am. So you must be set up and ready for 'opening' 
  • Vehicles are allowed on site for unloading and MUST be moved BEFORE you start setting up. Same as when the fair finishes, you MUST not bring your vehicle on before you have packed up. Any vehicles seen to be onsite before you have packed up will count as a black mark and you will have your discount removed from your next fair
  • Courtesy for other traders and customers. I.E. playing of music or videos on your phones, tablets etc. Please be mindful not everyone likes the same. Please bear in mind bad language too, we want to attract customers. Also, bad mouthing of other traders if heard will count as a black mark if heard by any of the management team, again you will have your discount removed from your next fair 
  • Items for sale, must tally with what you have listed as your stock items 

As a thank you from us for you adhering to the new rules we will offer you a 10% discount off your next fair. Your 1st fair will be full price but if you are seen to be following the rules your next fair you book will have the discount added. 
There is no limit to how many discounts you have, but if you are seen to not follow said rules at any time you will have the discount removed until you adhere again. 
Please note the Good Trader Discount DOES NOT apply to any Beeston Monday/Wednesday market bookings.
Please also note the Good Trader Discount will not apply to any single day fairs or bookings or any non whole event bookings (i.e. 2 day booking for a 3 day event).
The qualification procedure still remains the same and will count to any future bookings.
Any questions do get in touch!

The final decision of the management of Artsandcraftfairs is final and NO discussion will be entered into. 

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